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After the Rana Plaza collapse, there was a storm of posts and protests on social media, highlighting peoples’ thoughts, opinions, reactions, and their expressions of anger, outrage and frustration. Social media also became an organising tool, a site for connecting and mobilising with others. People from different quarters expressed their opinion on Facebook at the time. Here we present only a handful these posts, which were made on the first 7 days of the collapse. These demonstrate the ways in which social media was used to facilitate rescue work, to connect and organise, to raise funds and to protest.

Zonayed Saki

24th April 2013

Murders of garment workers, yet again. This time, a building collapsed, on which cracks had been noticed beforehand. Nobody had cared – not the factory owners, not the building owner, not the administration. To tolerate this infernal negligence would be equally negligent on our end.

Omar Tareq Chowdhury

24th April 2013

How far is Savar Bazar from Savar cantonment? Even from Dhaka Cantonment? In this place our military take their peace mission’s training. It is really unbelievable to hear from the aid worker that they do not have sufficient torch lights to carry out the rescue work and also vehicles to move the injured people to hospital. They need to bring the vehicles from Dhaka. Why are all the helicopters bought by our tax money still on the grounds? Just one helicopter can bring many injured to Dhaka at a time.

Firoz Ahmed

24th April 2013

A garment factory has collapsed in Savar this time. Whether they die in building collapses or in fires, it is only another form of murder. Wages, labour law, prison like working conditions, health, security - in every sphere, they are victims of every day deaths. I demand punishment of not just the owners of Rana Plaza, but also the responsible authorities of the Labour Ministry. Until there is exemplary punishment, deaths due to unsafe workplaces will not stop.

Seuty Sabur

24th April 2013

When I say I am aware of my privileges, I mean to say I am aware of the unbearable oligarchy, created/nourished/sustained by my class....oppressing millions, I am ashamed....and apologies are never enough for lives those are lost.


24th April 2013

Is this death valley my country? Ashulia….Chittagong….these are not accidents. These are murders committed by greedy capitalists….we want justice.

Motiur Rahman

24th April 2013

The massacre at Rana Plaza isn't an accident rather structural mass murder by the excessively greed profit monger. We demand immediate arrest and trial of the murderers.

Shyamoli Shill

24th April 2013

In this country of death human lives are of no value. And if those lives are of poor people, and if those poor people happen to be women, then they are barely counted as human lives. That is why they can be forced to work in furnace hot rooms; that is why they can be pushed towards certain death just to avoid production loss. Because, no one cares if they live or die! But we are warning the bosses of this society! You will not go unscathed if you look away from these deaths. The ghost of my dead sister is whirling in the wind with your death warrants. That ghost is now alive within millions of other sisters working in garment factories across the country!

Qazi krishnakali islam

24th April 2013

Taslima Akhter, the coordinator of Bangladesh Garment Songhoti, and many other friends of Gono Songhoti Andolon have been working for surviving workers of the Savar disaster. They have been appealing for a lot more blood donations from volunteers and people who are interested in donating blood. Please contact Taslima over cell phone.

Udisa Emon

24th April 2013

Witnessed something peculiar on the TV screen. A worker is trapped under the rubbles of the collapsed building. A small hole has been made to supply oxygen for him. A reporter has inserted the microphone through that hole and asking the victim how she got caught under the rubble. That reporters should also be put under the rubbles of the collapsed building. In that way she will better understand how such a tragedy may happen.

Shahana Majumder

24th April 2013

Injured workers at Savar need blood. We are requesting those who are staying close to come forward. Please request your friends who are located close to Jahangir Nagar University and Savar Public Administration Training Centre to help. Hundreds of workers have been admitted to Enam Medical College and other nearby hospitals. Please come to donate blood. Please contact Enam Medical College over phone.

Shompa Afroj Shumu

24th April 2013

Attention: to all of my Bangladeshi friends in NEW-YORK...we all more or less have come to know about the building collapse disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am planning to raise some found for victims. Give me some ideas for how we can do that??? Also, what kind of steps we can take to prevent this kind of acts in future???

Anha F Khan

24th April 2013

We have nothing to be sad, worried or anxious about. You can still see the words Brac Bank written in big, bold letters on the blue walls of the building, but the Upazila Chairman had sealed off the building yesterday so the bank was closed today. Those who died were mainly workers from 5 garments. So, No Big Deal. I am tension free. And before the worms from the drain could die, the hon’ble Prime Minister, hon’ble Opposition Leader have expressed their grief. Why so serious, man? Is grief so cheap? Is there any point to expressing grief for these undernourished, poor machines? They were fated to die. This is a continuation. Don’t be serious… Cheers….

Rinve Tusher

24th April 2013

Are you stung or numb? I am pretty much sure you people did not forget about Nimtali and still can remember? Hundreds of people died within a second; they could not even sense the sensation of death. I went to Nimtali even today. Nimtali’s chemical fire is still scorching, but it's cold, just waiting to be heated any time. Hundreds will die scorched. People's’ life intense there; it’s kind of a constant intercourse with the corrosive chemical. A Child who was born today in Nimtali, he or she born with a guaranteed burn to death by that deadly chemical. The state can’t ensure a secure and healthy life of a Nimtali child. The head of the government took care of two orphan sisters and arranged a wedlock for them, and she played an excellent role in front of TV cameras. She got the clean sheet. We are amazed. We tried to cure ourselves with some silly medicine. But till now Nimtali remain unchanged.

That happened today in Savar. It's just an accident! Today the central train station looked quite okay, and all the train reached their destination safely. In the evening at the Presidential Palace on the occasion of the degenerative changes in the text of the word will be celebrated. Maybe an orphan will be hunted for their purpose. The Government will arrange their marriage again; prime minister will appear with fake tears in her eyes. Maybe she will ask some ministers to find out the culprits, from the stock some coins will be scattered. Head of opposition will be striking his wagon, banana; bread will be feast around. Everything will be okay. What a beautiful country. And we will be killed safely; we will be incapacitated safe and sound. Our working forces our brothers and sisters just to earn foreign currency they will endanger their life. Based on that money garments owners will enjoy their CIP credential and surplus will be credited as a contribution to the treasury of the political parties. Again, it will be handed over to the workers in the name of charity with glycerin eyes and lips of dialogue. Our lives here like commodities. Here is the price. Our death has classifications that ratings will decide who’s going to meet Prime Minister in her luxurious building; this building and its habitats have a long history of public detachment. It will also determine who’s going to have thousand who is going to have million as compensation. As far as I know, the collapsed factory building owner is supported by the government-backed political party so that he will get an easy go for sure. Garment owners are organized, they are quite powerful. The High Court, the judiciary is simply nothing to them. Just a few months back in Ashulia a garments factory got burned, and we lost numbers of people and that fire still burning we could not douse that fire so far, then Nimtali incident happens then again Savar. We will just whisper person to person, are you wounded or numb?

Anu Muhammad

25th April 2013

Till now, it is the general people – masons, mechanics, drivers, rickshaw pullers, van drivers, factory workers, shopkeepers, students, and other professionals – who have been playing the leading role in the rescue efforts. They are achieving the impossible with their hands, legs, hammers, shovels, spuds and scissors. This spontaneous reaction from the people is invaluable when it comes to any disaster in Bangladesh. If the fire brigade had the required equipment and manpower, if the existing power, technology and manpower of the army could be harnessed, then the number of casualties would be lower. Many are still trapped; there is still scope to save many lives.

Kallol Mostofa

25th April 2013

KAt this point, the most important task is to take opinion from local & foreign experts including BUET to launch a comprehensive rescue effort and to arrange necessary manpower & tools. Many people are still alive under the ruins of Rana Plaza. Rescue activities demand light weight tools in some places and heavy machines in other areas. To rescue all the alive people from all sides of the collapsed building with minimum casualty, it is not enough to work randomly; rather we need a concrete plan to do rescue operation from all the sides at the same time. As the victims are workers, that’s why no such initiative has been taken yet. If the victims were members of elite class, then certainly there would be no such shortages of necessary tools, equipment and experts.

Meghna Guhothakurota

25 April 2013

Taken from the facebook wall of Dr. Pushpita: From previous day the doctor and stundents of Enam Medical College have done a great job. One who doesn’t face that situation cannot imagine how painful it is to handle a mass causality. For this I want to give a heartiest thanks to all the people of Enam Medical College. Hail doctors of Enam Medical.

Meher Nigar

25 April 2013


Sharmee Hossain

25 April 2013

01. Friends in the United States and Canada, I am calling out to you for help. if you want to donate money for the Savar tragedy victims, you can send me a check. All money raised will be sent to volunteers of Gonosamhati Andolon, (Taslima Akhter/Rubel Abul Hassan) who are working non-stop to rescue garments workers from under the rubble of the collapsed building, and give them primary medical care.
My address is : Musharrat Hossain
02_In 2005, almost 100 garment workers had died instantly in the Spectrum Garment factory collapse. Due to inadequate rescue efforts and infrastructural support, many other had died under the rubble from lack of water and oxygen subsequently. Yes, human beings like you and me faced a slow painful death from lack of oxygen! Some of them had made desperate phone calls to their loved ones, " I am trapped under the concrete! save me! help me!" Some cellphones eventually died, a few cellphones kept on ringing but no one was left alive to answer the calls. I was a student of Dhaka University then. I remember one of my professors at the English department had said with a grimace, " I swear I will quit my job if the Spectrum owners are brought to justice." Bangladesh has seen many such accidents after Spectrum where the garment workers, the poorest of the poor, have died. The death tolls have kept on increasing from 50 to 100 to 150 to 250, and more. What is more shocking is that these deaths of thousands of garment workers have failed to create a strong political force to stand up for the lives and safety of the workers, and against the 'dalaals' of free trade. My professor is still working at the English department.

Fatama Sultana Suvra

25th April 2013

Only a single building has collapsed at Savar in Bangladesh. The armed forces engaged in rescue operations is requesting the people to supply them the hammers, axes, spade, oxygen cylinders necessary to conduct the rescue operations through announcements in the mass media. This speaks volumes about the hollowness of the entire state mechanism in terms of economic, technological and many other aspects. What resources do the armed forces and the disaster management ministry have in their possession?

Obviously we will need people to donate blood at Enam Clinic. But where is the directive from the government to the medicine companies?

Abdullah Nadvi

25th April 2013

We are technologically advanced enough to broadcast live- the dead bodies caught under the rubbles, the plight of the victims still alive, and even the cries of the family members of the fallen/lost. Yet we do not have the equipment necessary to conduct an effective rescue operation. I guess selling the news about victims of a disaster being more profitable than procuring rescue equipment is the underlying reason here.

Kaberi Gayen

26th April 2013

Let's all focus our strength and concentration on the people who have died already, who are still alive and those who are living with the hope of being rescued. Considering that, a decision has been taken to postpone tomorrow’s Women Protest Rally. Our collective force must be dedicated towards overcoming this human disaster.

Mohammad Nasir Uddin

28th April 2013

Sohel Rana is arrested, or saved by police? Only the fair trial is to give this animal to the workers-people crowd in Savar! People showed they didnt wait for governmet to rescue victims, people now should do the rest part, a fair trail! Not only the Sohel beast but also other criminals who were involved in this planned killing!

Geetyara Nasrin

29th April 2013

Savar collapse is another terrible disaster created by many inhuman people. At the same this is a tremendous example of unity of humaneness of many people. Identify all these inhuman people and system who are responsible for this tragedy and raise your voice to bring them into justice so that in future such disasters can not happen. Give recognition to all the different levels of people who has done this heroic activity so that this united strength of people keep awakened.
The name of that girl was Shahina
Please don’t stop the rescue work until the last missing person has been rescued.

Khushi Kabir

30th April 2013

Latest situation. I spent the last 2 days in Savar. A concerted effort of architects, civil engineers, disaster trained workers from Red Cross & other agencies, trained community groups, fire fighters, i.e fire department, armed forces, all have collectively formed a task force, and are slowly using heavy equipment to surely though slowly cut the top (maps have been made of the structure etc.) and lift people, dead and alive, as well as other equipment to remove debris. The process is slow, but the time for the public action, which was amazing,THEY ARE OUR S/HEROES, the only ones who went inside, is now no more feasible. People came spontaneously and worked together from all walks of life, from all part of the country, city bred comfortable lifestyle people, to students, to carpenters, garment workers, peasants, rickshaw pullers all. It was a great social leveler. Like 1971.
And from the government side, it was only the fire fighters who went in to work alongside volunteers to bring those 3000 people out, of whom over 2000 were still alive. The other government forces, remained outside, moving about, looking official. The police were making lists and noting down names of people dead to hand them over to their families and those that need treatment to hospitals. Thousands of people crowded the school field trying to find their kin/friends. Many were on the streets trying to get close to the building. Last night,he volunteers were all asked to leave. Seeing them, they looked so exhausted, yet had the grit, courage and will to continue, if need be indefinitely, I felt once more the compassion and courage of our people. I felt such pride in them.
Once they were outside, I met a few of them. They couldn't bend their knees. Their pants were stuck to their skin. Would probably need to be peeled off. Yet the feeling was,that they wanted to continue till the last. The operation then started at night. Today during the 'official' operation, 3 more people were brought out, two still alive and one dead. I am relieved that they are being sensitive and moving slowly, not just bulldozing everything.
We, ourselves, still have much to do. Find out the number of workers, their families, addresses, we need to gather strength for forcing BGMEA, the owners whose accounts have been frozen, the Government to provide support, treatment costs and full compensation for them: those living, those maimed, and families of those who lost their lives. Treatment is a big concern. Our past experience is after the initial phase, people forget. We have to continue to monitor and pressurise. We need to follow up on actions and cases, follow up on both verdicts given in the past and keep our eyes open re the current ones.
Our friends abroad, in countries where the manufactured clothing is being supplied to, please continue to take companies and corporations and their agents, the buyers to task. People must comply. Every life is valuable. This has happened too many times, we cannot afford to have any more deaths occurring.

Taslima Miji

30th April 2013

Yanur’s situation is dire, Rahima is struggling with death.
Sixteen years old Yanur is the eldest among her siblings. Yanur and her mother used to maintain their family working in a garment factory in the Rana Plaza bui. Her mother is lost under the rubbles of Rana Plaza. Most of Yanur’s body from below her waist has been squished. Her brother, Saquib has spent three days in front of Rana Plaza like a person gone crazy. He urged rescuer Liza to recover his mother. Liza, the helpless rescuer could do nothing but give him an affectionate hug. Saquib and Yanur now see Liza as their mother. Ten minutes ago Liza called from Dhaka Medical College that doctors there are not getting Yanur’s pulse. What can we do for Yanur now? She needs proper treatment. Many other Yanurs now need quality medical treatment and mental support. Liza’s tears have rendered me helpless. What can I do?
Rahima is getting her treatment in the bed next to Yanur. Her mother-in-law is beside her. Mouri informed a few minutes ago- maybe we won’t be able to save Rahima either.
Please stay informed about the conditions of many other victims now being treated in different hospitals. Counting the deaths is not over yet.