Can you hear me out there?

(Samageet's song protesting deaths at Rana Plaza, Savar)

Lyrics: Amal Akash. Music Amal Akash and Khalequr Rahman Arko

Translation Shahidul Alam and Rahnuma Ahmed

Can you hear me out there?
Hey people, can you hear?
Corpses piled high, brick rock concrete
Bury not a throbbing heart, I still breathe.
Bury me not alive
Mother, o mother
I still breathe life.

From my blood sweat and tears, your money piled high
Your home wealth jewels, glints in the sky.
Why then must I burn, and as ashes return
Your dreams I stitch, with each handle I turn.
Aah aah aah aah.

Why's factory a death trap, on worker body feeds
Tears of blood flow freely, my sacrifice it needs.
March of the corpses, no longer will I stand
Corpses piled high, must end, I demand.
My heart still pumps, don’t bury me alive.
Mother o mother
I still breathe mother, we still have life.