By Ahmed Shamim

Dear Nabarun
My state is grim like yours
Me, too live in a country of scoundrels, where the owner class
conspires with the government to make the workers
work for months without pay and thus
forces them to go for a hunger strike till death.

Dear Nabarun
Owners, who kill the workers, are in power
and want to buy the bail with money they saved
by not paying wages for three months on a row
The government tries to force feed the workers
a deal of dilemma to break their hunger strike.
The state has gone into the clutch of such scoundrels, you know.

Dear Nabarun
The greed of the owner class caused the collapse of Rana Plaza,
where over a thousand workers died in a single day.
Today, their families are suffering from hunger and feeding on anger
‘cuz the government- the government left them no other way.

Dear Nabarun!
You left this world, the world of scoundrels, few days back.
We’ll always remember you, cuz we are fighting against
the same pack.